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For Shareholders
and Humanity.

You do not have to give up returns to make an impact.
Our ESG risk scores allow you to evaluate companies based on their long-term sustainability, risk exposures, management capacity and ethical business practices. Quality companies with high ESG ratings outperform in the market as this is a sign of long-term resilience. Over the medium and long term we believe quality companies will outperform. We believe quality companies tend to perform better in the long run and are now proving to deliver a more sustainable future.
3 Year trend as of JUN 2022: 15.9% ESGFunds, 15.8% Non-ESG Funds
Year to date as of JUN 2022: 11.7% GlobalESG Funds, 14.8% MSCI World Index


Know Your
Glasgow Score

Be bold with your capital. We believe investing in quality companies that are also making a positive impact will bring bolder returns.


Own Your
Personal Impact

Know the impact of the brands you buy.
A better score means a better ESG profile and
thus a more positive impact to humanity.
*Impact Scores are for listed companies only


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Professional Data.

Glasgow is revolutionizing the way we invest and brings the data used by top professionals right to you. Glasgow has content and data that you can’t find anywhere else and has never before been accessible to the public.
Inspired by COP26: At COP26 (held in ~Glasgow~) the world saw a shift. Governments made huge commitments to reduce emissions, promote clean energy, and reshape a greener economy. These promises can’t be upheld by governments without the support of individual companies. At Glasgow Invest, we saw this as a huge turning point in the financial markets. Companies that do not contribute to reaching these green initiatives will be less supported at the government level, and therefore less attractive and could possibly generate lower returns to investors. We created Glasgow Invest with the belief that investing in quality companies is the best way to grow you wealth and increase your personal impact.


Hard core, take no prisoners,
and be honest as the day is long.

Join the Glaswegian Collective and get ready to make your personal impact.
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